Following a complaint made to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) by Ms Jenny Scobie of Rhidorroch Estate and completion of the subsequent investigation into RAFTS work on MIAP and the relationship with the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards (ASFB), we are pleased to confirm that this investigation has completely dismissed all allegations of wrong doing or conflict with RAFTS charitable objectives.

Andrew Wallace, RAFTS Chairman, said, “RAFTS has cooperated fully at all times with the OSCR investigation in 2013 and is pleased that this process now been concluded. We have made no public comment on this matter preferring to allow OSCR to conclude the regulatory and investigatory process. This is in stark contrast to the complainant who has sought to discredit RAFTS, its staff, officials and the MIAP work itself over the same period. We are pleased to have been completely vindicated by the OSCR investigation and consider the matter to now be closed.”

Callum Sinclair, RAFTS Director added, “It is a credit to the management, staff and governance of RAFTS that we have emerged from such a thorough investigation of RAFTS objectives and working practices, unscathed and strengthened. OSCR has advised us of no action, even minor, that is required following their investigation. Although this investigation will not prevent criticism, which we accept when tackling difficult issues, it will reassure all of the integrity of our operations and staff and, to many, confirm the vexatious nature of the original complaint”.