The purpose of Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre (SFCC) is to promote and support evidence-based conservation of Scotland’s native fish and fisheries. To achieve this aim SFCC provides a mechanism for its members to standardise data collection through the provision of protocols and databases. SFCC facilitates cross-Scotland scientific projects and provides data to inform national policy decisions and local management decisions. SFCC members also benefit from an annual training programme, provision of mapping data and development of field data collection tools. 

At the 2024 Annual Biologists Conference SFCC also debuted a 5 year development strategy.


  • Sean Robertson – Manager

Management Committee

  • Marcus Walters (Deveron, Bogie & Isla Rivers Charitable Trust) – Chair
  • Amy Fergusson (Forth Rivers Trust)
  • Antje Branding (Marine Directorate)
  • James Hunt (The Tweed Foundation)
  • Alan Wells (Fisheries Management Scotland)
  • Graeme Anderson (Argyll Fisheries Trust)
  • Rowan McCleary (Galloway Fisheries Trust)
  • John Armstrong (Marine Directorate Science)
  • Kjersti Birkeland (Scottish Environment Protection Agency)

Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre Terms of Reference


23 February 2022 (Members meeting)Final Minutes
19 May 2022 (Management Committee)Final Minutes
14 September 2022 (Management Committee)Final Minutes
30 November 2022 (Management Committee)Final Minutes
22 February 2023 (members Meeting)Meeting Minutes
11 May 2023 (Management Committee)Final Minutes
5 October 2023 (Management Committee)Final Minutes
13 December 2023 (Management Comittee)Final Minutes

SFCC Management Committee Minutes archive