Argyll Fisheries Trust were engaged by Transerv to move local brown trout from a section of the River Lochy (Argyll) next to the A85 near Tyndrum.  A section of the river bank had collapsed leading to fears that the road may also collapse.  Transerv engaged local contractors to strengthen the bank, and to do this needed access from the river.  Argyll Fisheries Trust were contracted to remove all fish from the river before a temporary diversion was put in place to allow access to the river.

On 14th August, AFT staff removed over 100 fish from the section by electrofishing the river.  This section of the river is upstream of a 50m waterfall, therefore there are no populations of salmon or sea trout present in the river.

Source: Argyll Fisheries Trust – Working with Transerv to protect local fish near the A85