Fisheries Management Scotland welcomes announcement of funding to support the development of wild salmon conservation measures.

The Scottish Government today announced funding to support two projects – the National Adult Sampling Plan which provides crucial data on wild salmon stock and the development of a standardised fisheries management plan template which can be used by all the fisheries management areas in Scotland. The Scottish Government news release can be viewed here.

Dr Alan Wells, Chief Executive of Fisheries Management Scotland said: “We welcome this funding which will support efforts to protect and restore salmon populations across Scotland. The information arising from the adult sampling programme will feed directly into stock assessments which inform Scottish salmon conservation regulations.

“Addressing the wild salmon crisis will require concerted action to deal with a range of pressures faced by our wild salmon. This is why we have issued a call to action, which identifies a range of actions that must be urgently delivered, in addition to this very welcome funding. We are urging the Government to deliver its existing commitments without delay, and to go much further in all the areas where they have the power to make a difference.”